Friday, March 25, 2011

Why You Need A Natural Diet To Detox Your Body

Have ever wonder why your body would be heavy and you feel lazy you can do anything,yet you are not ill?You wanted to be agile but you find yourself too weak to make your body work.To deal with this problem,you then decide to eat too much food,take many cups of coffee and smoke,hoping you will regain your energy.For sometime it seems you now feel good.But unfortunately,you are building up toxins in your body.In this situation,you will have to detoxify your body.

In the present fast-paced world,we all want our body to be agile so we can get along with fast-paced lifestyles.Thus,you take to coffee,cigarettes,diet pills,drug,with a lot of thinking that this will help to keep your body strong.however you are mistaken.These stimulants will do more harm than good.they result in energy loss and emotional symptoms like headaches,sickness and depression.These are toxins to your body.

What are toxins you may ask.They are organism that do harm to your body.There are in 2 kinds,namely;Exogenous or external toxins and Endogenous or internal toxins.he Exogenous toxins come from car fumes,tobacco smoke,drug,pollution from factory.etc.For Endogenous toxins,they come from viral or bacterial infection.The body on its part creates its own toxin known as Autogenous toxins.

These harmful substances are removed from the body by a process known as
detoxification.Detoxification is the elimination of stored toxic products from the bowel,blood,liver and kidneys as well as the huge amount of toxic substances store in the body fat to heal chronic cancer.The most easiest means of doing detoxification is by taking natural diets.This happens by changing the diet from poor ones to healthy ones.These kinds of diet includes raw food diet,like fruits and vegetables.

BY nature,the body on its part detoxifies daily.the height of this is when the body is at rest sleeping until noon.By this way the body removes the toxins gotten from pollution,stimulants and nutrients.

If you are the busy type,you can replace the stimulants with natural diets to get healthy and agile.Common among them are refined sugar,coffee,diet pills,cigarettes and red meat.

In case of sugar,it has a stimulating,you feel re-energized when you colas.For refined white sugar,this is harmful to the body.For instances,taking cola and ketchup is harmful to the is advised that one replaced refined white sugar with brown sugars like cane sugar that is natural.Fruit juices work like refined white sugar do.

For late night workers who take coffee to stay awake,it is advisable they take natural replacement like Japanese or Chinese green tea.This has caffeine but is has no substance that irritate the stomach.

Taking diet pills are stimulants to the body to keep it alive.athlete during competition could take this for more energy but they are toxic,it could be replaced by taking fruits as a natural detoxifying effects.

For people who are smokers who believes their mind would think well by smoking,they better think twice as this causes cancer.It is better they take carrots as this gives them the same effects in a natural way.

For red meat eater who love feeling strong after taking red meat,it is wise they reduce their intake.Fish is a better replacement.

i believe we now know the reason why doctors or nutritionist advised that we eat more of fruits and vegetables.They do give us the energy we need in a natural ways in addition to making keep healthy and fit.

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